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Give yourself a funny face with Fun Booth for iPhone!

Take a snapshot, kit it out with goofy props and share with your friends.

So simple, but so fun you’ll be hooked in an instant.

Fun Booth for iPhone is built on the same sophisticated face recognition technology as the best-selling Fun Booth app for Mac. Select from an outrageous assortment of masks, fake mustaches, hats and other props, Fun Booth will magically adjust the size and position to fit your face. Combine props, edit, and instantly share by email or upload to Twitter or Flickr.

  • Take photos, create custom props by adding your own funny images or drawing on top of the picture in real time.

  • Record videos.

  • Fun Booth features full implementation of iPhone’s signature Multi-Touch gestures: pinch in and out to zoom and move, resize and rotate props, and even shake the iPhone to randomize your selection.

  • Props are accurately positioned on your face with our advanced face recognition technology.

  • Fun Booth offers one-tap access to the pics in your iPhone photo albums or Camera Roll.

  • Send propped photos via email.

  • Upload propped photos to Twitter and Flickr.

  • Assign propped photos to your iPhone contacts.

Be sure to drop by the Fun Booth forums to catch up with other users, ask for support, make feature requests or heap praise on our slaveboy developers. Spoonjuice staff keep an eagle eye on the forums and you’ll never wait long for a response.

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