The Ultimate Facebook Companion for Android

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The ONLY Full-Featured Facebook App for ANDROID

With AndroidBook, for the first time ever you'll enjoy the complete Facebook experience on your Android smartphone.

Pound for pound, AndroidBook delivers the Facebook you know and love, but in a vastly superior mobile interface optimized for the legion of Android-based handsets. The total experience blows away even the official Android Facebook app, never mind the zombie squad of lackey clones.

From logging in - or retrieving a forgotten password - to editing your profile to watching and commenting on videos in your News Feed, all the features you've come to depend on every day are here. As far as Facebook for mobile goes, this is the slickest, fastest, most reliable app yet. If you're a Facebook fan, you're gonna love AndroidBook.


Fully featured News Feed complete with individual controls for linking, commenting and deleting, plus watch video-all within the Feed
Notifications galore, plus status updates, incoming messages and friend requests
Complete profile view
Upload and caption photos, direct from camera or gallery
View, like, write on, watch videos, and post comments on your friends' Walls
We mentioned you can watch videos, right? all within the app!
One-touch login, logout or sign-up
Password retrieval

But That's NOT all

  • Speed

    AndroidBook is FAST, like, full caps moving through space italicized FAST. Tap to start, enter your login details and you're off. Zero stutter, zero lag. Smooth transitions, smooth scrolling through long lists of contacts, News Feed, photos, you name it.

  • Photos

    Enjoy full access to photo albums - your own or your contacts' - including full-featured uploading with captions. Get an overview with gallery thumbnails, or go full screen for the bigger, brighter picture.

  • Design

    AndroidBook is the most intuitively, beautifully designed user experience for Facebook on Android. Our creative team pored over every detail - refining the graphics, eliminating needless taps, swipes and scrolls, creating a singularly stunning, unified visual and interactive experience. Enjoy!

  • Comments

    AndroidBook gives you total control over comments. Post comments on your friends' Wall, delete unwanted comments on your own Wall, or comment directly in your News Feed, all fully accessible with a tap or two.

  • Videos

    Lean back and relax with the latest videos from your friends and family, straight from your News Feed. We tap directly into the native Android vein for smooth, stutter-free video, and you'll never have to leave the app.

  • Trust

    Our Android gurus prize stability and security over everything. At each phase of development, we subjected AndroidBook to merciless punishment on literally dozens of handsets under a ridiculous variety of hardware configs.